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Due to his inward personality, he would sometimes give carnations during Parents’ Day and disappear immediately after saying “Mom, please wear it”.After learning soccer from coach Cha Bum Kun, Min Ho’s physique improved all of a sudden. His mathematics was also kept consistently above 90 marks.

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Even the multiplication table and Hanja didn’t trouble him at all.

Even till now, discussions on “whether little Min Ho is scared at that time”, are still a common topic among the family members.

It was only a short moment before Min Ho roamed around the playground and eventually went missing.

He had played four years of soccer under coach Cha Bum Kun’s Youth soccer team.

With this as a basis, Min Ho who was previously weaker gradually became a sports athlete.

Min Ho then often said to us: “If I’m able to rise in popularity in the entertainment circle, I will give dad and mom an even more precious gift.” Lee Min Ho (16 to 19 years old) The apartment that we are residing in now is in fact provided by Min Ho.

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