Restart bind after updating zonefile


/bin/bashcd /var/named/chroot/etc/#store number of lines in conf filelines=`cat | wc -l`# bc calculates how many lines to tail - headermodifylines=`echo "$lines-27" | bc`#write the header to a file (first 27 lines)head -27 /var/named/chroot/etc/named_slave/named.conf2rm tail head fwd slave tailnew rev# rsync it over to secondaryrsync -e ssh -avzl P /var/named/chroot/etc/named_slave/[email protected]:/var/named/chroot/etc/ns2.server "service named reload"rsync -e ssh -avzl P /var/named/chroot/etc/named_slave/named.conf2 [email protected]:/var/named/chroot/etc/named.confssh ns3.server "service named reload"service named reload WOW! I think there is an easier way and please correct me if I'm wrong: According to the theory of DNS, authoritative DNS servers, that is master DNS servers, have TTL(time-to-live) and serial number values specified in the SOA record for each zone.

When the TTL for the zone expires, the slave server(s), provided that they have been specified on the master's /etc/as slaves and allowed to transfer, will contact the master server to check the serial number for the zone.

I do not think that this will handle setting up zones but it will propagate changes made in the zones that are defined on both master and slave servers.

We use a mixture of nsupdate and dhcp to update our internal zones and those updates do get sent to the slaves.#!

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Could you maybe point me into a direction where I can find a script that can convert this: I think you might need to have an also-notify ;line in your options stanza on the master server (with x.x.x.x being the IPs of your slave servers).

Also I have 'notify explicit' so that only those servers named in the also-notify get notified.

Just another question, If I create a new zone on the master server in "named.conf", as well as the corresponding file in , do I have to manually create it on both the slave servers as well ? If not automatically created in the slave server's "named.conf", is there a way to automate it ? I will have a look into the literature that you have suggested. I carefully went through all my configs and fixed anything and everything that I could find that looked faulty or mistyped or even just left out.

So now the logs show that files are being transferred.

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