Romantic movies interracial dating


I do like that they keep giving Sam Merlott women of color as love interests each season.Though it does make me feel really old to see Jurnee Smollett so grown up.It’s worth checking out some clips, if not the whole 22 episode season.

Online Videos [divider type=”space_thin”] While the Internet doesn’t seem to be 100% sure whether this is a couple beyond the camera, Buzzfeed’s Quinta Brunson and Justin Tan have starred in a whole series of couple-related videos together.

I must be sleepy, I can't think of any others right now but I have a bunch at home on dvd. TV shows: Scandal, Sleepy Hollow (because we KNOW Ichabod and Abbie are going to get together someday), Liberty Heights...

Kim wrote: "Fave movies: Something New, The Secret Laughter of Women, My Beautiful Laundrette (M/M)...

In my mind, she's always the little girl from Eve's Bayou.

Paganalexandria wrote: "I have to say, even though this season of True Blood has been a little disappointing.

[divider type=”space_thin”] Okay, so maybe the AMBW romance has suffered a little bit after its Cinderella triumph, but if the 2009 is considered a cinematic flop you can’t blame Naomie Harris as Mika or South Korean pop sensation Rain as Raizo (honestly, how do you mess up a film entirely about ninja?! That being said, if enough of the pop singer icons starring in Blasian movies trend continues, we’ll have Beyonce and Dennis Oh headlining in…

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