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I have always been bothered by chartreuse not being a maroon color.It is NOT yellow-green, just no, that drives me crazy every time somebody mentions it!The teapot would be a great addition for a Noritake Collector,the prettiness and elegance of this item speaks for itself.. Made as a visit to the "Seaside gift" representing seashells. We are offering the choice of 2 items for the discerning buyer of fine antique china A./ Wonderful plate by Cauldon of Staffordshire, showing a glorious colour pallete of Cornflower blue meadow cranesbill flowers, this plate has to be handled to be really appreciated as it is full of quality. A./ Beautiful small Royal Worcester teapot in perfect condition. £139 B./ Royal Worcester miniature jug, another little bit of Worcester perfection. If you want a nice classy item then look no further,the movement is quartz and it has a nice gentle tick!!

Please ask for more information on this most beautiful of wonderful they must have looked with the tops displayed,perhaps on a dining table. The item was made for the Connoisseur collection in the early 1990's,and bears the full Worcester backstamp in peuce.. Ancient fluted teabowl and saucer dated 1780 -90 (NB. The Floral decoration painted in polychrome overglazed enamels that are still bright and clear. As you can see the detail is excellent so these are a superior bisque,either French or German in origin and both made in the last quarter of the Victorian era.,c1880. You can see Brooms and chairs nd all sorts of household goods being given to the young newly weds. £40Old Coalport Indian tree comport of good dimensions,showing the old AD Coalport backstamp in Blue. The colours are typically Coalport using their famous Blue ground. For sale £39 C./ Victorian young lady, nearly 6inches tall. Usual Noritake high standrad of fine table porcelain. The quality of this item is very high, this is English porcelain at it's best. The rarity speaks for itself, as the condition is perfect. Little floral rosettes decorate the inside of the egg cups.c1870. Ancient fluted teabowl and saucer dated 1780 -90 (NB. The Floral decoration painted in polychrome overglazed enamels that are still bright and clear. A beautiful early to Mid Victorian completely hand painted trio. Not many sets like this around.£95VICTORIAN FAIRING.

If you contact us about this item or the partner item that will follow,we can tell you more. As the years pass,top quality porcelain candlesticks are getting harder to find. Here we have another Dresden/Volkstedt candelabra base,the partner to the aforementioned. 3 Items of Victorian bisque Porcelain, all dating approximately 1870 A./ Really nice figurine of a smartly dressed "Dandy", excellent facial features, with blue/gilt pallette.c1870.7inches tall. Pretty Victorian porcelain teapot,milk jug,sugar bowl and four cups and saucers. Excellent set with delightful scenes of Italian gardens.6 trios,jug and bowl. £58 jug and sugar bowl.please not how exceptionally nice the jug is.. Procter of Staffordshire a very good pottery of that time. These pretty tea sets must have looked so beautiful all laid out on crisp white lace cloths, when time was measured by the sedate clip clop of the elegant horse and carriage, so very far removed from our modern, day hectic lives..(Many things have improved with the passage of time ,but there again on reflection some things most certainly have not). If you like Dresden you will like this,perhaps a gift for someone who appreciates quality.. Attractive hand painted Gainsborough lady figurine standing 6inches tall.

A beautiful thing made of the finest porcelains and dating from Georgian English times,c 1820. Shows poor old mum lying in bed not well,and Dad sitting on the bed nursing the baby, The caption says it all "Twelve months after marriage". For sale £39 B./ Another smart young man dressed as a Regency Fop, showing off his fancy waistcoat and coiffered,powdered wig. Restrained decoration that somehow compliments the fine white of the china. We can also sell this elegant Victorian teaset cheaper as the whole lot Really beautiful Blush ivory Trios,consisting of Cup,saucer and plate. She is in excellent condition and was made in Japan in around 1920 for the European market.

I myself remember it being the red/pink/purple color only and not the yellow/green that it is now(that looks and sounds way off) nor as part of a series of colors that are in different color groupings. My mum laughed at me when she realised that was what I thought.

I’m shocked that chartreuse is now suddenly a shade of green. I have a vague recollection of thinking that chartreuse sounded french, like a red wine, so it made sense. I was astonished to find it’s actually a yellow-green.

The Peuce hallmark of the Royal Worcester company is under the lid of the teapot and also under the base.

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