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In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework our research environment was recognized as overwhelmingly world class.

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) recognizes this course as "Excellent".

The CQR was established in 1990 and has grown to become one of the leading international research centres in Quaternary science.

Since its inception the CQR has attracted funding from an increasingly diverse range of sources (NERC, AHRC, ESRC, Leverhulme Trust, EC Framework Programs, British Academy).

A council archaeologist said the cottage had lost the majority of its original features and so demolition could be justified.

English Heritage had agreed and raised no objection to the demolition of the bungalow saying it was 'of little architectural value'.

- You will be provided with the temporal perspective necessary for the understanding of many contemporary environmental issues, such as climate change, biological responses to environmental change and soil erosion.

Like much of our campus, the bungalow has been adapted and changed to reflect the evolving needs of our students and staff community.'Born in Huddersfield in 1835, Crossland also designed a large number of buildings across West Yorkshire including Huddersfield's Concert Hall in 1873 and the Mechanics' Institute in Leeds, 1860.Assessment is carried out by a variety of methods including coursework, practical exercises, field reports and a dissertation.Destinations of our graduates include the British Geological Survey, Natural England, the Environment Agency, journal publishing houses, Research Councils, environmental archaeology and museums, as well as academic positions within universities.The university must stop seeing the bungalow as 'in the way', and restore and incorporate it to a useful function.A spokeswoman for Royal Holloway told The Times: 'Crossland's bungalow was the subject of a recent requested to list.Visit the Quaternary Science (MSc) page on the Royal Holloway, University of London website for more details!

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