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If digital channels are found, the application will tell you if they are "encrypted" or not.If a channel is encrypted, you cannot view it–no exceptions.But if it is not encrypted, then you should be able to view it.You can reasonably expect local broadcast channels (like NBC, FOX, PBS, etc.) to be available, but it all depends on how your cable company configures their channels.The HDHome Run tuner showed up as a selection in Sage TV’s "Video Sources" setup screen. Next came the challenge of how to configure the channels in Sage TV’s EPG.In retrospect, it’s not difficult, but your setup can dictate how it’ll work.

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The unit itself is completely unlabeled, and it would be nice to have some indication of what the LED’s mean and which input connection is which.

But the good news is that most cable provides leave the "local broadcast" HD channels unencrypted.

For OTA broadcast channels, you would need a suitable antenna and an HD decoder box to receive the HD content.

One is connected to raw analog cable providing channnels 2-99, and the other to a digital STB providing channels 2-799.

Charter Cable provides several EPG selections for my area, so when I did my original Sage TV setup, I had to choose two separate EPG selections to accommodate the channel overlap.

And in almost all cases, there is no PC-compatible output on the STB to pass through the HD content to be able to record the (true) HD content.

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