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”, the answer almost unanimously was: “well, not really, of course it’s not the same thing as an engineering degree from back home in [China, Netherlands, Korea], but it is much better than we expected.The balance between expertise/salary levels is excellent and headquarters is really pleased.Plus, there are more than enough people capable of continuing to receive training and achieve higher productivity levels”.I myself did not run a large team, but my experience has been much the same. Ethiopia is world-famous for the 1980s famine.It has surpassed South African as the largest African carrier. Foreign investment (mainly Chinese here) has been pouring into infrastructure.

This means growth has been broad and benefited a large proportion of the population. Ethiopia is set to be the fastest growing economy in the world this year, despite suffering from a drought (more below). Foreign investment is pouring in, mainly Chinese, Korean and Turkish, but with non-negligible and rising amounts coming from the West (U. They have made some inroads in products such as flowers, leather, and the textile industry, i.e., the first-tier, labor-intensive stages of industrialization.

(In the case of Ethiopia, the topography makes it nearly impossible in most of the country, and in all the more densely settled regions).

Well, the current Prime Minister gathered the high-ranking foreigners in there (ambassadors and businessmen) to tell them, in effect: “if you say you’re our ally, this is the time to chip in.

For a supposedly reality-based community, the HBDosphere has a major blind spot regarding where Africa is today and possible scenarios for its future.

Africa has 55 countries; doom and gloom is not applicable to them all. I’m in broad agreement with your major points, and I which to illustrate them with some examples from the one case I know best, and which has been mentioned in the comment thread. I lived there for several years in the last decade as an expat, still visit regularly, have invested not only other people’s money, but my own, in there.

Several times I’ve spoken about this with other expats (Asians and Westerners) who were directly involved with supervising their Ethiopian workforce.

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