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If you provide the information, money can be stolen from your bank account and your details could be sold on to criminal gangs.

Tempting as it is to think you’re entitled to a tax rebate, HMRC will never ask for your bank account details via email.

Each site should have a well stipulated way through which potential customers make their payments.

The prices should be friendly, in other word not too expensive.

Adult Pay Websites provides an easy way of accessing the most popular premium xxx sites.

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Never respond to these emails and instead speak to HMRC directly if you are at all concerned.Unsolicited contact promising a return too good to be true will be exactly that – too good to be true.If it looks like someone in your contacts list has sent you a plea for money, contact them directly through another channel to ask if they have sent the email.20% discount offer valid throughout the Hercules shop, while supplies last.Excluding products in the "Deals", "Used products" and "Damaged packaging" categories. The 20% discount offer applies to the cart with the code HERCULES20.Bank scams, Paypal scams and tax rebate scams top the email phishing list in the survey of 2,016 adults carried out in January.

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