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Greater London is bounded by the other home counties: Hertfordshire to the north, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire to the west, Kent to the south east and Surrey to the south and south west.

The highest point is Westerham Heights, in the North Downs and on the boundary with Kent, at 245 metres (804 ft).

Greater London was used to form the London region of England in 1994.

A referendum held in 1998 established a public will to recreate an upper tier of government to cover the region.

It is organised into 33 local government districts: the 32 London boroughs (which make up the county of Greater London) and the City of London (which is a separate county, but still part of the region).

The Greater London Authority, based in Southwark, is responsible for strategic local government across the region and consists of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.

The City of London Corporation is responsible for the local government of only the City of London.

The London Traffic Act 1924 was a result of the Commission.This arrangement has come about because as the area of London grew and absorbed neighbouring settlements, a series of administrative reforms did not amalgamate the City of London with the surrounding metropolitan area, and its unique political structure was retained.Outside the limited boundaries of the City, a variety of arrangements has governed the wider area since 1855, culminating in the creation of the Greater London administrative area in 1965.A Royal Commission on London Government was set up to consider the issue.The Commission made its report in 1923, rejecting the LCC's scheme.The region covers 1,572 km The Greater London county covers the same territory as the London region, save for the City of London which is a separate county.

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