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Ephraim Gammada, had been running loose at the time.The other dog, which belonged to Swann, was a mixed breed that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation determined was the sire of Gammada's dogs.Authorities said the man suffered severe head and back injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said that the dogs, all pit bull-mixes, attacked the man after he jumped the fence at the Cal State Steel Company.Security guards who heard the man's screams called 911.Sheriff's deputies arrived to find the man badly mauled and still under attack. The dog ripped off all of Garcia's clothes, including his shoes, during the deadly attack.[source citations] Juan Garcia, 53-years old, was brutally mauled by a pit bull, then dragged by the dog more than 50 feet, according to Rio Arriba County Sheriff's Deputy J. A bloody 2-by-4 with bite marks was found near Garcia's body indicating the victim had tried to defend himself.The suspected pit bull, named Max, was found covered in blood. Garcia was a handyman and occasionally performed jobs for Pederson.

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[source citations] Charles Dalton, 52-years old, was found dead on the side of the road.

In 2006, two fatalities involved dogs from two different breeds, thus producing a "death credit" total of 32, rather than 30.

Six dog breeds each contributed to one death: mixed-breed, boxer, English mastiff, presa canario, wolf hybrid and great pyrenees-mix.

Very little other information was located about this boy's death, including the outcome of the grand jury review.

[source citations] Connor Lourens, 7-years old, was visiting a neighbor's home when the owner's 140-pound English mastiff attacked his throat.

The dog, a male named Buddy, was about 1-year old and records showed it had been neutered, police said. Connor's parents created the Connor Lourens Memorial fund shortly after his death. [source citations] Dominic Giordano, 4-years old, was attacked by a rottweiler while playing in his aunt and uncle's backyard.

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