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The briefing, titled “Moving Ahead In Addressing Violence Against American Indian and Alaska Native Women and Efforts to Address Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls,” provided an overview of this issue for legislators and the public.

She noted that although Alaska Natives are 16 percent of the population in Alaska, they make up 28 percent of the murder victims.

For an agonizing two hours she waited to hear the news she already knew in her heart was true.

Police had found Harris’ brutally beaten, decomposed body earlier that day. By this time, Limberhand had already learned via the “moccasin telegraph” (word of mouth) who was likely responsible for Harris’ death.

“This Senate resolution is the beginning of that acknowledgment.

Stand with us on May 5 to acknowledge and honor Indian women who are missing or murdered.

In desperation, she used the telephone, social media, posters, and word of mouth asking for help in finding Hanna.

She pestered local media to do stories about her daughter’s disappearance.

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“Before we can address and end any injustice, we must first acknowledge the injustices,” said Cherrah Giles, board chair of the NIWRC.Although Limberhand had little personal experience of murder, she soon found herself connected to a national Native family of those who advocate on behalf of missing and murdered Native women.She recalled in an interview with Limberhand will never forget these words spoken to her by a tribal police officer when she first reported her daughter missing on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation.“They fear retaliation by friends or relatives of the accused.” Undeterred by police inaction, Limberhand kept up the pressure.Soon victims and women’s advocates from all over the United States and Canada who helped organize rallies not only on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation but also in Billings and other cities joined her. Acting Northern Cheyenne Chairman Winfield Russell told the that he was pledging his support to reform the tribal justice system.Unfortunately, killers are often known by members of the community to be involved with murder on the reservation, according to Carla Cheyenne of Rapid City, South Dakota.

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