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His next band, the Rich Kids, put out one of the most influential albums of the late 70s, Ghosts Of Princes In Towers, packed full of rock ‘n’ pop gems.Working with Iggy Pop, (who recorded Glen’s song Ambition), during the 80s kept him sharp and sought-after with a body of work during this period giving rise to releases by bands such as The Spectres and Hot Club.The church handyman was sentenced to 14 years in prison at Winchester Crown Court in Hampshire in 1994 for the assault.After his release in December 2004, he moved to Paisley, East Renfrewshire but within 10 months the authorities had lost track of him.Just days after he left, members of the Jesus Fellowship Church saw his face on the BBC's Crimewatch programme and alerted the police. Unlike the Angelika Kluk case, Tobin pleaded guilty to the attack.The judge described it as "an appalling incident, I think the worst I have ever come across".Invigorated in the wake of the Pistols re-emergence, Glen continued to record songs to rival those on Never Mind The Bollocks for swagger and craft.

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The court heard how he lured the girls to his home, held them captive at knifepoint and forced them to take sedatives.Tobin fled to London where he was finally arrested in a hospital.On a Polish community message board she was using to search for her sister, Ms Kluk's sister Aneta described how she felt hearing that Tobin was in the frame for the killing. "How could the police lose track of him in the electronic age?He raped one of them while she was partially conscious and indecently assaulted the other.Tobin fled to Coventry where he sought refuge among an evangelical Christian community using a false name to cover his tracks.In the 1990s Glen emerged as a solo force to be reckoned with. ’ recorded for Creation Records, home of Oasis, was a full-on guitar album, blistering in its intensity, taking everyone by surprise.

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