Sex sites no credit cards no upgrades


When getting on with Zoosk I stopped in my tracks because I got interested in this lady and she messaged me back which was cool until I go to message her.

Now I got to pay to see what she says, no thanks Zoosk. You have a better chance subscribing to Reader’s Digest. Right away I met a fellow who seemed perfect -- tall, educated, charming, handsome.

Thereafter inform your bank to block them to take further money from you.

Don't leave to the last minute - you will forget it.

He was very good at this and when the 30-day sub ended he walked away with many women's personal email addresses.

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Very few managed to string a few sensible English sentences together in order to scope their level of intelligence. Managed to have 2 and a half dates (one is pending). Men in general live in fantasy land and want "model like middle aged ladies" crane legs, never-ending hair.

Although I never saw it again it may have just been blocked from my account. I had an account for nearly a month, and ran into various issues.

I feel they spied on my messages, banned my account without cause or reason, would change info on my profile without asking or warning me, 'guys' would message me, and they were automatic messages coming from random accounts, the guys even confirmed they did not send them, it was the same exact message every single time.

In 2016 I saw his photo on Zoosk and immediately reported him as a married man who should not be on dating sites -- they said they would 'investigate' the report.

Seeing his photo on again after 3 weeks, I threatened to go to the Better Business Bureau.

His wife worked and during the daytime he had time for fun and games!

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