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The people were very angry and said to it, "Why did you waste time? " Thus, growing old among the Zulu is seen as a special privilege from the Creator.Elderly people are believed to be sacred, and are thus are always respected.Kwa Zulu-Natal borders on Mozambique in the north, Eastern Cape in the south, the Indian Ocean in the east, and Lesotho in the west. Kwa Zulu-Natal is semi-fertile with a flat coastal plain, highlands to the west, and numerous rivers and streams.The subtropical climate brings lots of sunshine and brief, intense rain showers.For many people, the Zulu are the best-known African people.Their military exploits led to the rise of a great kingdom that was feared for a long time over much of the African continent.During his reign, Shaka recruited young men from all over the kingdom and trained them in his own novel warrior tactics.After defeating competing armies and assimilating their people, Shaka established his Zulu nation.

Addressing those who are older than oneself, especially elderly and senior people, by their first names is viewed as lack of respect.Ancestral spirits come back to the world in the form of dreams, illnesses, and sometimes snakes. Anything beyond their understanding, such as bad luck and illness, is considered to be sent by an angry spirit.When this happens, the help of a diviner (soothsayer) or herbalist is sought.Therefore terms like baba (father) and mama (mother) are used not only to address one's parents but also other senior males and females of the community.Among the Zulu, the belief in ancestral spirits ( amadlozi or abaphansi ) has always been strong. The Zulus recognize the existence of a supreme being.Zulus believe in a long life that continues after death. This is based on the myth that long ago people did not die but rather lived for years. He, therefore, called a chameleon and said, "Chameleon, I am sending you to the people.

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