Single parent dating tonto basin arizona

Arizona's unique contributions to the life-on-Earth record are many.

During the Paleozoic Era, about 550 million to 200 million years ago, inhabitants included marine animals such as brachiopods, mollusks, corals, sponges and trilobites.Just as geologic events in Arizona preserved prehistory, so too did they create a wealth of mineral deposits.The state, more precisely Tucson, is the hub of copper mining in the United States, contributing more than 60 percent of the copper mined in the nation.West of Phoenix lies the Luke salt body, also thought to be about 3,035 m (10,000 ft) thick.Some scientists believe that the Picacho Basin near Eloy in south-central Arizona contains the thickest anhydrite sequence in the world. The sequence consists of about 90 percent anhydrite and 10 percent interbedded shale and is slightly less than 1,820 m (6,000 ft) thick.Economic geologists come from all points on the globe to study Arizona's porphyry copper deposits.

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