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Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Pink Lace Transformation What happens to me when I put you in lingerie? Brainwashed Slut - How will he be programmed to do the most humiliating things, and what about that degrading medical treatment that sets it all in motion.... Corporate Slut Mondays Continue (on Friday, this week!

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Nevertheless, due to lack of widespread broadband adoption at the time, the Dreamcast shipped with only a dial-up modem while a later-released broadband adapter was neither widely supported nor widely available.

Downloadable content was available, though limited in size due to the narrowband connection and the size limitations of a memory card.

Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service created and operated by Microsoft.

It was first made available to the Xbox system in November 2002.

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The service was extended in 2007 on the Windows platform, named Games for Windows – Live, which makes most aspects of the system available on Windows computers.

The Stories The Panty Slut Drawer -over 140 panties! My Slumber Party April Showers IPEE World Class Whore Training Boot Camp Training I Boot Camp Training II Boot Camp Training III Last Update: Nov. She asked if it was ok to come in..." Read about f/fem & sissification, as well as milking in my Feb. Akasha's Stable is UPDATED as of 11 Feb - see the e-stim torture, find out how I turned "k" into "kendra" and the return of jamigirl! After a nap and some time at my computer, I will share some interesting experiences and incorporate them into my next training.

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Microsoft has announced plans to extend Live to other platforms such as handhelds and mobile phones as part of the Live Anywhere initiative.

The Xbox Live service is available as both a free service, known as Xbox Live Silver and a subscription-based service known as Xbox Live Gold, respectively, with most features such as online gaming restricted to the Gold service.

Musings from the Stable -- Updated August 12 -- Dream Lover Labs devices on a Stable Slave. A slave forced to have makeup put on in a store in public. Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Titles How I decide what to name the sluttiest man alive Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Don't you forget about me It's when I have you on all fours with those expensive trousers down and your mouth taped shut.... Jigsaw, my latest full length story with hot illustration by Sardax. My chastity whore makes insane promises in order to cum - but I deny him.

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