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But they didn't stop at Congressmen and high-ranking military.

Moon now owns the religious right from Jerry Falwell to Gary Bauer, and has bought up most of the independent black ministers, the former base of the civil rights movement, to boot.

Included on the National Advisory Council of this Moonie front are: former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski; former Senators Robert Dole, Dennis De Concini, and Claiborne Pell; former UN Ambassador and now head of the American Enterprise Institute Jeane Kirkpatrick; the head of the Heritage Foundation; and many more officials of "respectable" organizations and talking heads you see on television every day. Nor is he the special property of some all-powerful secret society, as dreamed of by some populist-minded conspirophile. Moral Re-Armament became the mass organizational vehicle for implementation of Wells' 1928 call in The Open Conspiracy, for a worldwide movement for draft resistance.

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In 1972, the Moonies were given the Unity of Sciences franchise, sponsoring the first of their still-ongoing International Conferences of the Unity of Sciences.

The cash comes from the worldwide drug- and gun-running operations, part of which came to the surface in the Iran-Contra scandal: cocaine from the South American trade run under cover of the Moon-linked CAUSA group; heroin from Afghanistan and the Far East, laundered through dirty-money operations of the Moon cult that overlapped Ollie North's extracurricular activities while at the National Security Council.

The sex is a specialty of Moon's own Gnostic "family" cult.

According to the local Fox station, Charles Parker was listed as a registered sex offender after being convicted in 2003 of third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a 31-year-old woman and was also convicted in a sexual assault case involving a child in 1991.

Back in the 1970s, when the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Gnostic Sex-Cult Freak Show was in its mass recruiting phase, the "Moonies" were the American parent's worst nightmare.

Moon was the zombie-maker, the body-snatcher, who came in the night—or when the children were away at college, and stole their souls away.

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