Speed dating age groups

Jay I will be right back, I need to look at your reservation Jay Mandy, when you made your reservation, you submitted your year of birth as 1963 indicating you were 45 years old.

Mandy Oh, Uh, Oh, I made a mistake when making the reservation Jay I am sorry Mandy, but we can not have you participate in this event.

I immediately received a phone call with the following conversation: Mandy: Hi, just got the email about this Saturday. We really do stick to the ages we advertise, with a one year grace period and require proof of age at the event.

It said that the women go up to age 50, but I am 53. Mandy I didn't know, or must have misread the ages when signing up.

At Speed Dater, we run unique single events to suit your specific dating needs.There are two issues here, one being that you do not like our policy, and the second being that you misrepresented yourself when making the reservation.It is not fair for us to advertise one age group to someone and then deliver something else.Five years ago about 90% of men we spoke with, were only interested in meeting a younger women, so values are starting to change.We will plan on having a mature woman/younger man event in the future.Preferring a 'less is more' environment devoid of typical event trappings.

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