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Other smartwatches may be status symbols, but this one is like a low-maintenance friend. And even with the backlight turned on and a decent chunk of GPS tracking used each day, we still got through a week on a single charge.When you do need to charge, you just plonk the watch into a little magnetised dock, which can be plugged into a computer or just about any USB charger, including your phone's one.It's a low-fuss watch for people who don't need to make a fuss to feel like the price is justified.

Garmin even chucks away the minimalist vibe it could have gone for, by plastering a pair of soft key icons on the front. This is Garmin's toning down of designs like the Epix and Forerunner 920XT.It's more like black to light grey, a bit like a Kindle e-reader.Without great contrast, you don't get great colour.The watch face is surprisingly slim, avoiding the wrist eyesore factor that affects some smartwatches.Even the futuristic-looking Motorola Moto 360 is that bit too chunky for many. Some smartwatch straps cause quite a lot of skin irritation, this one doesn't.Most smartwatches aren't all that great for people who actually exercise: runners, swimmers and cyclists.

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