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Zane didn’t report White to the Rhode Island State Police or the Department of Children, Youth & Families. I feel strongly that you should not be in a boarding school and that you should seek psychiatric help.” He asked White not to return to St.

When White contacted him shortly thereafter, seeking help, Zane responded warmly, saying that he would pay him an additional month’s salary and reimburse him for his moving expenses. George’s “until one generation has gone through, that is, not for another five years.” White didn’t return, but he did go on to serve as dean and chaplain at Chatham Hall, a girls’ prep school in Virginia, and then as rector at a church in North Carolina from 1984 to 2006; state police are investigating an allegation that he molested a teenage girl there, and the located at least one other alleged victim from that period.

George’s associate chaplain in the early 1970s, was fired for alleged sexual abuse; Anthony Zane, headmaster from 1972 to ’84, the period during which Howard White and Al Gibbs were fired; Al Gibbs with students, in the late 70s. George’s began admitting girls as boarding students in the fall of 1972, Zane’s first semester, but meaningful co-education would have to wait.

When Anne Scott arrived as a sophomore five years later, boys still accounted for four-fifths of students.

Benjamin Wallace interviews survivors, parents, and the headmaster to see how its search for healing brought fresh anguish.

He’d change the narrative from treatment and the thing wrong with you to your developing body, as someone who was a helper, a carer of your whole body.” Before the month was over, he had raped her, and he continued to do so for nearly two years.Yet another elite New England prep school is plagued by scandal—this time the picturesque seaside campus of St.George’s, which has only recently confronted a largely concealed, decades-long history of sexual abuse by predatory teachers, staff, and students.On the Hilltop, as the campus is known, a student standing on the columned porch off the main formal tearoom, looking out on the playing fields that slope down to the sea, might easily imagine himself as Jay Gatsby come to life. George’s is one of the so-called Saint Grottlesex schools (along with Groton, Middlesex, St. Mark’s), bastions of the Wasp establishment founded in the late 19th century to educate the sons of the Gilded Age elite.Graduates have included Mellons and Vanderbilts, Bushes and Biddles, Astors and Auchinclosses.Hairlines and waistlines are appraised, marriages and careers compared, insecurities awoken, changes in status noted, old wounds poked: normally solid citizens regress to their adolescent selves. Since December, when it broke into the open with a article and a televised press conference, St. “Elite boarding schools turn out an outsize number of societal leaders,” says Whit Sheppard, a Deerfield graduate who has written about being a victim of abuse there and now advises schools on handling similar crises (including, for a short time, St. “This is the part of the story that no one wanted to talk about.”Now they are being forced to talk about it.

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