Steve howey and joanna garcia dating


She soon marries her high school sweetheart, Van, and the two live together in Reba's home, eventually having another child as well.

In the late '90s, Garcia was also a regular on Nickelodeon's classic ' Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Christopher Rich (Brock Hart)Then: Christopher Rich played Brock, Reba's selfish-yet-good-hearted ex-husband, who marries his much younger assistant, Barbra Jean.

There were rumors that cable channel Lifetime (that airs castmembers would stop by as needed (or as the budget would allow).While they keep in touch in their personal lives, don't expect the co-stars to come back together for a "Reba" reboot.Mc Entire told us a remake would be "impossible" because all of the former "Reba" stars are too busy.By the end of the series, the air-headed Barbra Jean finally gets her wish: Reba admits that she is her closest friend.Now: Peterman currently stars on the ABC Family sitcom ' Baby Daddy.' Beginning in May, she will host the network's upcoming dancing competition show, ' Dancing Fools.' Jo Anna Garcia (Cheyenne Montgomery)Then: Jo Anna Garcia portrayed the loveably ditzy Cheyenne, Reba and Brock's oldest daughter who becomes pregnant while still in high school.It’s very upsetting to know that you’re not going back to work.

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