Submissive women dating


Whether it's good old fashioned values, where the man goes to work and the wife stays home, or your looking for someone who just takes care of you, find your perfect match here!You're a man's man, you know how to take care of a woman, but it's hard to find a perfect mate who's value's match yours!I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers, I was simply stating my observations over the years.Some men walk all over their women, which pisses me off, but I often thought that the woman was too submissive. As long as you guys know I was RIGHT to begin with! Being 'submissive' to me, means that the 'best opinion' rules....of the time, when it comes to home repair, car fixing, even some meals...guys have the upper hand... I just think it would be nice for a change to have a MAN instead of the ones I have had experiences with.Call it old fashioned, but I still believe that the man is the BOSS!As far as I am concerned, I actually prefer a woman to be a partner, and half of the team.Are you a dominant man looking for your perfect submissive woman?

I do know men that would prefer a submissive woman.

I certainly would hope that you would want a man that did fully respect you.

As far as the man having the final word, I am man enough to admit that I have made the wrong choice a time or two, and a little input is very welcome.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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I would like to know if there are any guys left that like submissive women????

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