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Ben started developing an attraction to her, when it turned out she was being hunted by Sunder for unknown reasons.It's eventually revealed she was the Unitrix, a pre-Omnitrix prototype developed by Azmuth with the ability to absorb DNA from living beings and stock it inside itself.Though still ultimately fashioning himself as a hero, without Max's guidance and teachings this Ben became even more self-centered, amoral and obnoxious than our Ben had ever been, and knows next to nothing about the aliens he meets or turns into, or even about the Omnitrix itself.A worldwide figure, entertainment mogul and hero to millions, he lived a comfortable life milking his heroism for personal gain before an interdimensional meeting with Ben put him on the right track.

Lucy is a Sludgepuppy, a species of shapeshifting sludge aliens, and Ben and Gwen's cousin-in-law.

A trio of alien superheroes introduced in the Original Series, first met by Ben when they came on Earth to track Sixsix and Vulkanus.

Their group consisted in Ultimos, a Superman Expy; Tini, a female Tetramand; and Synaptak, an brain-like alien with psychic powers., Anodites are a species of incoporeal aliens made of Mana, the Life Energy at the source of magic.

One of the Bounty Hunters recruited by Vilgax to get the Omnitrix in season 1 of the Original Series.

It however later turns out he was actually The Mole and wanted to make sure Vilgax didn't get the Omnitrix.

This led him to meet with Ben's team during the Alien Force era. An organization that plays a key role in the franchise.

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