Text message dating game

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Putting your emotions on the line can be a scary experience, especially if you aren’t sure how the other person feels.

The (potential) love of your life has sent you a text message. If he had said anything like this to you in person, you wouldn’t have thought twice about it.

You would have sassed yourself out of the situation like Beyoncé in a music video, but not before giving him a verbal bashing with every bit of strength within you. You have a chance to plan your response, your reaction and your (hopeful) result. In a real life situation, you could say something you regret and portray yourself in a petty, childish or completely unreasonable light.

The point is we use text message a lot to get in touch with people, including our potential love interests.

A lot of girls get frustrated by texting; the rules, the anxiety, the waiting around for him to message back, but surely there are some positives?

Whatever the outcome, we’re sure your text message response will be a better thought out one, rather than the furious outburst of emotions that could have escalated the situation in real life time!

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