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Ana: When you look at our first issue and its overall concept, you instantly get a clear idea - it’s monochrome.

When we started to work on the first issue, it was a bit of a challenge to understand what should go in and what would be a bit random.

I was working a lot with color at the time, and I just thought, why not make a magazine that focuses on a single color at a time? There was nothing close to it on the market, and people seemed to be really into the concept.

But it only started to come to life as we found the key people to do it with: Ana, our business development responsible, Monique, our Editor in Chief, and Ausra, who was among the first photographers we worked with.

The feeling of being trapped in a monochrome state of mind and then observing the endless possibilities of knowingly using a color.

It should feel a bit like a challenge to break the patterns of a color while staying within its universe.

The print magazine published biannually is curating its content based on specific colors, investigating them across culture and immersing its readers in the feelings and moods evoked by each color.We loved the independent publishing scene and what so many great indie magazines were doing in print, and since we had a quite multidisciplinary background, making a magazine seemed like the perfect chance to combine everything we loved doing.We also knew we had to bring something novel to the market, something that was missing.And we’re so interested by the themes we choose that we managed to create a high interest among our close ones as well.So this helps - we get further inspiration by discussing and playing with our imagination among the team, as well as among our friends and family, and it makes Sindroms feel like something natural.The limitation might initially be perceived as the concept of focusing on one color per issue - and that is what we wanted to reach with the feeling of obsessing over one color - but then the stories we tell within each color open up doors to new perspectives and are aimed at creating room for further discussion.

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