Trend of online dating


As these companies continue to scramble for ways to reverse the trend of “free” casual dating apps that users expect no restrictions on and fail to deliver, its naturally evident that the hot or not, casual and free style of dating apps will be expiring sooner than never.Data shows us that millennials are actually very happy and capable of paying for dating apps that get first dates.Listing logic does its best to take notes about specific details and patterns/trends of a user’s activity (what they are attracted to in this case). Although it is hard to predict the future, one thing that is for certain is that the dating app industry is a 4-billion dollar industry that has been growing at a steady pace of 5% year-over-year since 2013.

But these apps with very impressive amounts of daily active users are absolutely desperate to make money and are in fact burning through huge budgets barely turning a single profit.However, when presented with a sensory overload of people in hopes to match with someone random, most yielded matches after a swipe campaign were created without careful thought or intent that this match is a committed, agreed first date.As a result, people are focusing on too many different users which lowers the quality of the experience where we now see most matches go cold these days. Tinder and apps like Bumble or other recycled Tinder UI’s have been sending pretty dire warning signals that they are seriously struggling to carry on into the “3rd wave of dating apps”.Alike companies and their sudden increase in monetization features really represents this issue for our predecessors.The most recent signal being “Tinder Gold” which allows users to view who liked you or Bumble’s “bumble boost” feature.Just because Billy loves heavy metal and Nancy can’t stand it doesn’t mean they couldn’t be perfect for each other.

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