Tyler perry who is he dating


We urge readers to reconsider this story in light of the totality of the evidence.n October 30th, 2012, at p.m., sheriff's deputies responded to a report of a dead body at Longview Lake Picnic Shelter No. A tan Ford Windstar van occupied the far-northwest space of the parking lot.But the Jackson County Medical Examiner's Office ruled Bethany's death a suicide, and her body was released to her family for burial in her hometown of Arlington, Texas.Sex and Death on the Road to Nirvana Then, on November 9th, a friend of Bethany's named Micah Moore walked into the Grandview Police Department. He had done so, he claimed, on Tyler's orders.A photo ID for "Bethany (RN, Menorah Medical Center)" lay on the floorboard.Bethany Deaton was 27 and had recently completed her nursing degree.She had belonged to an IHOP worship group there, and most of the prayer circle's 20 or so members had relocated to Grandview, where they lived in two gender-segregated houses about four miles apart.In August, Bethany had married the worship group's leader, Tyler Deaton.

They had begun to worry that she might tell someone about it.

The adherents of IHOP, as it is generally known, believe that the Second Coming will soon occur and that God needs their help to return Christ to Earth.

Bethany had moved to Grandview nearly four years earlier, after graduating from Southwestern University, a small liberal-arts school in Georgetown, Texas.

It wasn't clear to people outside the group what would have motivated Bethany to take her own life.

For years, she had longed to marry Tyler, and they had envisioned themselves enduring the Tribulation together.

In the van's back seat, deputies found the body of a young woman.

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