Ultimate insiders guide to online dating pdf

'The thing is, if a woman has already decided that she is going to do this line of work, nothing anyone can say will prevent her from doing it.She's a human being, she has her reasons and her right to choose,' she said.'I have personally experienced some of the pitfalls of the industry and I've witnessed others experience the pitfalls as well.'If someone is going to make an adult decision to do this work, then I want them to consider all of the practicalities, emotions, safety, and financial ramifications.Just as importantly, I want them to plan an exit strategy, from the start.'Ultimately, Gwyneth, who made clear in the book that she is avidly against illegal activity on any level, says society is 'backwards' in how we deal with sex.

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Then get out and enjoy life again.'Gwyneth said she wrote the guide after starting work as an intimacy behaviourist.

'Controversially I opted to teach young ladies how to survive as an escort.

Okay, to not only survive but to show her every tip and every trick needed to earn impressive amounts of money within the industry…

'Often the decision is financially motivated or the result of something traumatic happening in their life.

Either way we are dealing with human beings trying to make their life work.'Gwyneth said she simply couldn't sit back and stay quiet.

In an industry where it's possible to make thousands of dollars in a day (in some cases in an hour) it seemed a massive contradiction,' she said. Many would find a life of orgasms and money to be alluring.'Initially I put it down the the mental ramifications of the job.

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