Updating a staircase willow pattern dating


And while we are taking out that wall, it will require moving appliances, so we want to be prepared to redo the whole kitchen at that point.

It’s like the ultimate “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” moment.

I have this sense of urgency to make updates when really, there is no rush.

I keep reminding myself to take it slow, keep it fun, share the process.

Now when guests drop by, the entry feels a little bit more like us.

Before Christmas, we did make a couple of updates: switching out the light fixtures for This definitely helped clean up the area, but it is still so far from what our vision is!Phase Two: make long-term choices that take longer, cost more, but ultimately give us the result we’re after.Phase One might feel like a waste since it will all be changed out eventually, but these changes help us enjoy living and entertaining in the house today and that feels worth it. The entry is another place for us to make our Phase One changes.I would say that has been an interesting challenge so far in this house.We have a clear idea of what each room will end up like, but the process is slow, budget must be considered and there is an order that makes most sense.So out came the can of paint and I went over all of it with the charcoal color.

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