Updating bios for asus motherboard


Case in point, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI have all now released firmware updates for a whole bunch of motherboard models.

"ASUS is aware that the current Intel microcode version might be subject to recently identified security vulnerabilities.

Insert the USB drive into the target motherboard, and reach the Q-Flash Utility by rebooting/restarting system, pressing at BIOS screen.

Q-Flash requires this file system on the drive in order to read from it.

If you own a Gigabyte motherboard, go here and click on your chipset, then find your specific model to grab the latest firmware for it.

Finally, MSI is busy cranking out BIOS updates as well.

Gigabyte is also hard at work issuing BIOS updates.

The company has conveniently put together a page that breaks down motherboards by chipset, with direct links to each one's latest available BIOS.

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