Updating counter tops

However, there are differences in where marble and granite countertops should be installed.

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If you are strictly updating the countertops in your kitchen and nothing else, though, you may be able to splurge a little.Will they be a part of a complete remodeling project, or are you simply replacing them to give your kitchen a much needed facelift? The answers to these questions will give you an idea of how to proceed.The next thing you need to do is determine your budget.With the exception of the visible grout lines, granite or marble tiles can achieve the same appearance and benefits of a slab-based countertop, but with less cost and less installation time.Synthetic stone Synthetic stone countertops, such as brand-name products like Caesarstone, Silestone and Corian, have many of the same advantages of natural stone countertops, but with additional benefits.Since it's porous, stone countertops require periodic sealing to prevent moisture from entering the stone and causing stains.

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