Updating facebook status from phone


Of all of the other apps we’ve discussed here, probably the one with the greatest crossover in terms of usage to mobile is Tweetdeck.

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Using Ping.fm, you can update Facebook Pages either through itself or within Hoot Suite, making Hoot Suite the “half” a client here.So if you like the versatility of but prefer the slickness and Twitter feature set of Hootsuite 2.0, this is a good combo.People Browsr is an interesting alternative, as their web app and desktop app are basically the same – however, to our knowledge, more people use it as a web app, so we’ll discuss it here.Web Clients We found three clients (well, two and a half as you’ll see) that support Page updates: Ping.fm, People Browsr and Hoot Suite.We also checked Seesmic’s web app and Brizzly, both of which do not support Page updates, as well as Hello TXT, which does, but requires you to install a Facebook App.One of the nice things about as well, is that they have multiple integrations with other services, as well as mobile applications that make it a good choice if you need to access your account from multiple devices.

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