Updating hp mediasmart server


I’m fortunate to not have over 1.5TB of a single media content type, but this has bothered a ton of people.

Even if I did though, since I use My Movies 4 to organize my collection it is irrelevant to me how many shares store my movies since the application automatically combines it all into its UI--Media Browser and most other media softwares work the same.

I haven't decided yet if I will be restoring to the hard drives I have currently, or if I will attempt to swap the original disk (it came with a 500GB one) with a higher capacity one.

I intend to keep one bay open for backup (my e-sata port doesn't appear to work with my external enclosure), and I have 500gb, 1tb, and 1.5tb drives in the three occupado slots.

I'm sure it's out there, there were many unhappy folks in Canada (high shipping) and the Europeans got their discs much earlier. I think I've disabled it for now, I think it's going nuts building up a media database or something crazy. It's too late tonight, I need time to play around with the new features and also to check my data files... I would advise folks to hold off on updating right away, as the server is basically completely useless for now (for me at least - and I had a pretty standard setup in v1).

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After much deliberation and non-stop harassment from, well everyone, I decided it was time.I was pleasently surprised that the new WHS 2011 took just under 35 minutes start to finish--and this is on an HP EX495 system!UPDATE 4/28: When you install, you will have a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager for a "Mass Storage Controller." You will need the 64-bit drivers for the Silicon Image 3531 Port Multiplier Chipset available here.For the remaining terabyte of data, I used the space I had on my main home theater PC.The process was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated but the results are certainly mixed.I'm not completely sure, but maybe that's because it'll contain WHS itself on the disc?

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