Updating jmicron firmware

Generally there should be no problems with most JMicron chipsets, even with single and dual drive enclosures/adapters and RAID enclosures built around those chipsets.There can be some limitations of some special JMicron chipsets but according the experiences, Star Tech devices contain the "good" chipsets so yes, both drives and their status information should be completely detected and displayed in Hard Disk Sentinel.Last year I noticed that some newer JMicron chips do not work as expected: the previous detection codes and some special methods (designed exactly for JMicron chips) also do not work.

4) is it different, what connection i use: usb2/usb3/esata? It is possible that newer devices (for example such dual drive devices, RAID controllers, newer NVMe SSDs etc...) are not yet recognised in older versions - but work perfectly with newer/newest versions.No, it is not sent in e-mail (so no need to have any e-mail configuration or so): the software automatically sends via HTTP connection.I mean that if (from your browser) you can access the report sending should work - without changing any settings (maybe you'd only need to enable network access in the firewall when asked).Hello,i'm considering of buying a Star Tech usb3/esata docking and cloning station SDOCK2U33RE [/url] https:// [/url] .according to the product page, it uses JMicron JMS562 chipset.* is this chipset supported by HDSentinel?(I outlined the importance of this for JMicron too of course).

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