Updating joined tables


Let's say for example you have a product table which stores information about products and a product Price table which has pricing information and you want to update the prices based on when the product was created (in the examples below you want to discount all your older stuff to 80% of the current price). The first is do do a join using commas, like so: The second way is to use inner join syntax as shown below.This syntax is slightly more flexible as it means you can use left and right joins as well as inner joins, whereas the previous example is an implicit inner join.This seems to work and updates the rows properly for a .I will change the signature of the method and then add some tests this week and PR.Can you provide a sample dxp which shows your report structure?Hi, I have a base table of a million or above rows which has 4 variables as provided below.i wish to update the date and name column in the base table using the values provided in the small_table. DATALINES; AA|123|NAME1|01JAN2012AA|134|NAME2|01JAN2012AB|123|NAME3|01JAN2012AA|145|NAME4|01JAN2012; RUN; DATA SMALL_TABLE; INPUT ID1 : .

Use case: the table A is linked to DS1 and the table B is linked to DS2. When you want to update multiple columns at once, you list all of the columns to be updated first, followed by all of the values to use (in the same order that the columns are listed). CURRENT_YEAR_ID = ( SELECT CURRENT_YEAR_ID FROM CURRENT_YEAR WHERE DEFAULT_YEAR = 1 ); The error points to a syntax problem. FAX AS P_FAX FROM PERSON p INNER JOIN CONTACT c ON c. update (select t.value,s.new_value from t, s where t.value = s.value and s.fld_name = 'A') set t.value = s.new_value This update will fail if s.new_value is not unique.Note that it's also possible in My SQL to update values in all the tables that are joined in the query.

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