Updating nohost the hostname specified does not exist usa angels in prison dating


If updating more than one host or group, multiple status codes will be returned separated by a new line in the same order they were submitted. Either for not following our update specifications or disabled due to violation of the No-IP terms of service. Any "Error" return codes will require user intervention to correct the problem with their configuration.

The most common errors are bad user input, such as misspellings and incorrect passwords.

If the error return code requires No-IP intervention your client should tell the user to contact our support team.

Your client should instead notify the user of the problem have them attempt to correct it before trying again.

hostname=yourhostname&myip=ipaddress&wildcard=NOCHG&mx=NOCHG&backmx=NOCHG HTTP/1.0 Host: updates.Authorization: Basic base-64-authorization User-Agent: Company - Device - Version Number -O-Matic to the new IP address, hostname may be omitted or set to all.(useful if required by client).

This field is also used for services that use different names for the unique identifier of the target being updated (ex. Specifies a Mail e Xchanger for use with the hostname being modified.

Requests the MX in the previous parameter to be set up as a backup MX by listing the host itself as an MX with a lower preference value.

YES activates preferred MX record pointed to hostname itself, NOCHG keeps the previous value, any other value is considered as NO and deactivates the corresponding -O-Matic distributes the update to the selected services in a separate process.

If updating multiple hostnames, hostname-specific return codes are given one per line, in the same order as the hostnames were specified.

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