Updating ram


Then when the machine is fully booted, one can copy the settings with the command.

Things get a bit more involved if you want to set particular parameters independently from each other.

The quality and performance of the software is not warranted for the applicability of any users.

updating ram-41updating ram-51updating ram-38

In this article I'll show how to update both from the linux operating system.

It's a very common requirement to be able to update the BIOS logic to fix bugs or add new functionality, and I've needed to do this on all the systems I've worked on.

Traditionally manufacturers have provided a DOS tool to update their flash ROM chips, and unfortunately this is still quite common.

One could also use a little space for your own stateful settings on systems that don't have any, like netboot systems for example.

This assumes of course, the BIOS leaves some space unused.

In this case you must update the CRC which the firmware uses to check for corrupted settings (due to the battery losing charge for example).

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