Updating the adm

Microsoft has recently released the Windows 10 Group Policy templates (.admx) to assist organizations manage Windows 10 devices using GPO.This article describes how to install the new Windows 10 policy definitions in your domain.

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Is it possible to write an Administrative Template file with one setting you want to tweak, copy the file over to another computer, and when someone double clicks on it, it effectively "installs" that setting?

These settings amount to registry values which are automatically added to the client computer's (or user profile's) registry by the Administrative Templates Client Side Extension (CSE) when the client computer processes Group Policy. Rather, I think you just want to set a particular registry value in the same way that the CSE would set it.

I'm tending to think that you're probably working in an environment without Group Policy and are looking to apply settings to standalone computers.

When you need to further configure applications after deployment, you can use ADM templates to propagate the requisite settings across your organization.

The Group Policy settings that you create are contained in a GPO.

This is what registry files do; I'm wondering if Group Policy files function in the same basic way, or not.

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