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NET Framework version 4 is assigned to the default application pool.

From the Windows Start menu, select Run, enter "inetmgr", and then click OK.

By default your application runs in on your local computer, which means that the application might be able to do things that would fail when you deploy it to production.

In the Application Pools pane, click Default App Pool, and then in the Actions pane click Basic Settings. (In the Windows 7 Start menu, right-click the icon for the version of Visual Studio you're using and select Run as Administrator.) Administrator mode is required for publishing only when you are publishing to IIS on the local computer. This name is the same as the middle node of the Web.Hosting providers typically run your web site in , which means there are some things it is not allowed to do.For example, application code can't access the Windows registry and can't read or write files that are outside of your application's folder hierarchy.In Entity Framework version 4.3, Migrations requires full trust in order to update the database schema.To deploy to IIS on your development computer, you must have IIS and Web Deploy installed.This setting enables you to catch as early as possible any attempts by application code to do something that would fail in production.

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