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Validating credit cards are done using the Luhn Algorithm, this algorithm is a simple check-sum based on multiples of 10’s also known as modulus 10.

The algorithm only checks for wrong number combinations. You can look at it as a pre validation process for when the data is sent to the banking society for real validation.

Is there an objective way to validate the output of a clustering algorithm?

To assess validity of diabetes International Classification of Disease (ICD) 9 and 10 coding algorithms from administrative data using physicians’ charts as the ‘gold standard’ across time periods and geographic regions.Diabetes could be accurately identified in administrative data using the following case definition “2 physician claims within 2 years or 1 hospital discharge abstract record with diagnosis codes 250or E10.x–E14.x”.With any new to market product, the responsibility falls on the company to educate consumers and validate the accuracy of its product.From 48 urban and 16 rural general practitioners’ clinics in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, we randomly selected 50 patient charts/clinic for those who visited the clinic in either 2001 or 2004.Reviewed chart data were linked with inpatient discharge abstract and physician claims administrative data.Before the start of a new stage we would prick their finger and with a lactate analyzer, measure the lactate concentration in the blood.

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