Validating stuff with iphone 4


For more information see the i Bookstore Asset Guide in the Deliver Your Content module on i Tunes Connect. It is, nevertheless, a requirement of the i Books Store as stated in Apple’s i Books Asset Guide.

That document describes, among other things, stuff that is required by Apple but not necessarily by the EPUB 3 specification nor, therefore, by epubcheck. So now you have to fix that, send the ebook to Apple all over again, and wait more time for your file to be reviewed, hoping this time you did not miss anything else required by Apple but not enforced by epubcheck. The thing is, you could actually have avoided that bummer had you used Apple’s automated online validator before sending the book to their human review team.

Sooner or later you will probably leave a trace of that password in the history of recently used commands, potentially becoming readable by anyone with local or remote access to your computer.

The commands in this tutorial are written in a way to minimize the chances of that happening, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The answer, sadly, seems to be, “Very little.” You should head over to IOActive’s blog to read the whole report.The only remaining step is to send it to Apple’s review team and cross your fingers.A week passes and…crap, Apple rejects the file for some technical reason: ERROR ITMS-5107: Fixed layout books must identify the start of the book’s main content by including a guide (EPUB 2) or Landmarks (EPUB 3), or provide a custom sample. No, it didn’t, because the error reported is actually not a requirement in the EPUB 3 specification.He tweets from time to time as @elmimmo_ mostly regarding ebook technologies.Installing a custom SSL root certificate feels like such a good idea. But I guess in order to get something for free, people are willing to go great lengths in compromizing their security.Using Apple’s ebook validator requires you to use the command line (i.e., the application You need an Apple ID, and you need to enable i Tunes Connect for i Books for that account.

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