Vegan dating bbc

Why bother with the vegan pepperoni in the first place?Especially if it looks and tastes like worms of bad luncheon meat.Hello sky, hello sunshine, hello VBites, the vegan restaurant in Brighton opened last year by Heather Mills as part of her crusade to save the planet.

'We want to take the pressure off the planet and give our furry and scaled friends a happier life,' Mills declares in the noble mission statement, which is helpfully printed on all the VBites menus.The former wife of Sir Paul Mc Cartney and one-time saucy model has reinvented herself as, in no special order, an animal rights activist, a charity campaigner, a plucky amputee, a United Nations Association Goodwill Ambassador, a Dancing On Ice contestant, a prospective member of the British alpine skiing team (do they even know? In her kitchens, dishes are made with soya-based vegan substitute 'meats' and 'cheeses', while coffee is laced with rice, quinoa, soy, oat or nut milks.Ice-cream cones are filled with Mrs Swirly Italian vegan soft scoop, whatever that might be, and the beef-style soya Hawaiian burger is topped with sliced 'soya cheese'.If you hate meat, if you despise meat and everything it stands for, why not eat meat alternatives instead of meat substitutes?No restaurant, except perhaps a burger chain that lacked imagination and access to market vegetables, would ever put this amount of meat choices on the menu.However, on this sunny Saturday lunchtime, I note that Heather's passion for animal rights does not quite extend to all creatures great and small.

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