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I enjoy cooking, going to the movies, and musical theater. Once you have a solid foundation the fireworks happen naturally.

When the magnet connects to people's hearts there is nothing that can break that bond.

As a result, you’re always unhappy with whoever you’re going out with, since he or she keeps disappointing you in at least some aspect of your idealistic expectations.

I am a Young, outgoing, funny woman looking for a man to spend the rest of my life with.

TO be honest im looking for stability, someone to take care of me and my needs.

The 148-acre property includes six historic farm buildings, prime farmland and forest on the shore of Lake Champlain and serves as an African American heritage and multicultural center.

“Few things excite the mind of a traveler more than the discovery of some new bit of knowledge in some unexpected place,” said Curtiss Reed, Executive Director of Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity.

We all have certain flaws, and creating a healthy and fulfilling relationship is about finding a like-minded person who offers much of what we’re looking for in a partner, and then compromising and negotiating on the issues where differences occur.

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