Who is dating edward norton


Although perhaps he just has too many other interests to take on more roles.

An uncredited writer on projects like Salma Hayek's Frida (less controversially, he dated her, too) and The Incredible Hulk, he is also a UN goodwill ambassador for biodiversity.

Not every actor has the intellectual capacity for the spy thrillers and not every actor can articulate its moral complexity so well. Bourne characters operate in 50 shades of grey." If you look at the other movies that Tony Gilroy has made – Duplicity and Michael Clayton – as well as all the Bourne films he has written, I think it's clear that the villain in all his films is the corporate world.

There is this cabbalistic relationship between the government and its contractors, whether they are in the defence industry or in pharmaceuticals."And there are no heroes in this movie.

Even his Incredible Hulk back in 2008 was a thinker before getting angry and turning green.

Whether it is getting engaged or getting married, they have always managed to keep themselves away from the tabloid headlines. It got me & the family safely around through the wettest Malibu winter in memory.

The rich aren't overburdened."It's fascinating, the use of the word "us".' Norton is the son of a Maryland lawyer and his grandfather was the director of a construction company. I like things that are unfamiliar, worlds that I haven't knocked around in before.

When he was younger, he did some consulting work in Japan for the firm. And I like to align myself with whatever is good that is going on."Norton, one suspects, is far more leftfield than most sons of East Coast affluence.

All the characters are willing participants in the darkness.

So there's no one here gleefully trying to take over the world. "There is a perception that class warfare is starting to be staged.

Norton, after his split from Salma Hayek, started dating the Canadian film producer Shauna Robertson.

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