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India, 51, had asked him if he would date a transgender person to which he replied: "I believe it's your choice and I would choose not to." The star was upset by his comment but in a new clip shared on the programme's Facebook page, Made in Chelsea star Ashley, 30, was seen reassuring her housemate.She said: "I think you'd be surprised at how many of us think of you as a woman and not as trans.Malika and Kardashian sibling Rob seemed very close back in 2011, appearing on E!

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In a deposition, he described Reives as someone who was hard to work with and contributed little to his first album.I can't talk about it.' "Because if someone asked me the question like directly, would I date someone trans? "I couldn't answer because I don't...who's trans? Like in the same way that if you say to me, do I go out with brunettes, blondes? After saying he wouldn't date a transgender person, India asked: "You’d go out with a woman but not a transgender woman?” to which the Pony singer responded: "No." Addressing her fellow housemates, India said: "The fact Ginuwine here is happy to go with women, but wouldn’t feel comfortable going with me....“The bumping of heads, the disagreements were because when we were (going) to places I would be on time and he wouldn’t be,” Ginuwine said, according to papers. An R&B singer refused to kiss a man who thinks he’s a woman, and now the singer is being labeled transphobic, a growing trend as the transgender community demands not only tolerance, but also affirmation, approval, and dating rights.The two sides will argue their case in Manhattan Federal Court Monday.

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