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The family remained at Kansas City long enough for daughter Doris to attend kindergarten there. The place they lived with him was big enough they had a cow and maybe more.Then Fred’s father John Thomas Wears offered to buy his son a cow and pay him a month, in return for which Fred would move his family back to Lowry City to take care of John Thomas. On , Fred purchased some insurance from the Equitable Life Insurance Company of New York, New York.

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He was a resident of Lowry City and self-employed as a barber there.

On Saturday nights, he would usually keep the shop open until after midnight.

Son Glenn began shining shoes at the shop when he was about eight years old. Sometimes after getting off work on Saturday nights, Fred and Glenn would go to the Osceola, St.

Unfortunately, his mother became ill riding in the car.

However, Fred’s sister Illa took a liking to the car and frequently drove it.

In 1932, it was transformed into the Mutual Life Insurance Company.

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