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I've heard lots of gay rumors about rock, pop, and R&B artists, but never anything about country singers (well, except Kenny Chesney)There have to be at least a few gay/bi folks in the country industry, right?

I've heard rumors about Randy Travis, Dwight Yokum, and George Strait.

Although Page’s most important photographers were brother and sister Irving and Paula Klaw (who gave us the heels and bondage shots), and Bunny Yeager (one of the only female pin-up photographers of her day) who gave us a lot of her outside shots with animal skins and such, it must be remembered that it was essentially Jerry Tibbs, who launched her career with those first portfolio shots he gave her.

Thank you Jerry Tibbs for having the eye (and the balls) to give us something we could marvel at and appreciate for so many years.

(By the way, a lot of reviews of the film took the same speed-of-light rush through approach of Tibbs’ race.

Most of them didn’t mention it at all.) Secondly, this piece serves as a thank you letter, to Tibbs.

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Burn him in the parking lot outside of the Radio station - live for listeners? Good God Almighty, how could I have let all those juicy rumors about John Schneider from the late 1980s slip my mind?!If I remember correctly, Loretta Lynn has from time to time referred to "Geraldine" in various interviews when speaking of her friendship with Loretta Lynn. It is my understanding that one of Patsy Cline's personal assistants was a lesbian.One story I've heard was that Patsy's second husband Charlie Dick wanted to watch Patsy and "Geraldine" have sex together but Patsy nixed the idea because of that might do to Charlie's ego!!!! I have only heard of the assistant referred to as "Geraldine".Oh, the stories I could tell you....then who cares about this closet case?See link To the poster at r26 who mentioned Skip Ewing. I had my own little run in with Skip Ewing in the summer of 1989.Bettie Page’s pictures from the early 1950s are responsible for sparking the fetish and bondage scenes, which live on to this day.

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