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This month, Justine Henin-Hardenne pulled out of the Australian Open for personal reasons, and the Belgian newspaper, Le Soir, reported that she is divorcing her husband of four years, Pierre-Yves Hardenne. Vince can opt out of his Nets contract at the end of this season, and may leave to sign with a team such as Charlotte or Orlando that figures to be closer to his ex-wife and daughter.So things can turn nasty in a hurry, and sometimes these legal matters may turn a grumpy person even grouchier.Who knows, for instance, whether Bill Belichick was really angry at Eric Mangini when he came to New Jersey this fall?

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However, he wears the World War II Victory ribbon which was awarded to the Armed Forces through Dec. In the episode "Old Man Carter" (season 1, episode 24), aired on 26 February 1965, he is said to be 35 years old.

But these contentions are traditionally ignored by the courts, because there is simply no way to figure out the truth.

A no-fault proceeding currently requires 18 months of separation, so instead there are usually charges in court papers ranging from extreme cruelty to abandonment.

Love may be an interim tennis score, but divorce is an everlasting sports event. "The rule of thumb is that all assets acquired during marriage are subject to an equitable distribution, unless someone brought something more to the marriage in the first place." Back in 1978, Cerruti became the first woman college basketball player in New Jersey to earn an athletic scholarship under Title IX, at Seton Hall.

"Realistically, there is a 50-50 split, absent there being some reason," Cerruti said.

And while we may secretly titter about the travails of the rich and muscularly endowed, we also know divorce is painful to the participants, life-defining to dependent children and may alter the rosters and performances of our favorite teams.

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