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Breathtaking Beautiful Women From Around The World There is nothing more beautiful and appealing than a gorgeous woman.She is a true perfection that both men and women admire.

However, since then she is best known for her modeling career.#40 Bodine Koehle Bodine is a gorgeous tall woman that was crowned Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2012.She was born in Netherlands to a Dominican mother and a Dutch father but considers herself to be Puerto Rican because she was raised there.#49 Yesica Toscanini Yesica is a captivating Argentinian model that got very upset with the Argentinian media, which is why she requested ( through legal counsel), and was granted the right, to have all her images and data to be removed from internet search results in Argentina.#48 Belen Rodriguez Belen is an Argentinian beauty that lives and works in Italy.Everything about Zhanna is exotic including the place of her birth.

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