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This reduces ad serving latency and reporting discrepancies.

Note that you should clear the checkbox if the HTML snippet is an impression beacon.

Amazing eyelash extensions, manicure, gel nails, nail art, acrylic nails, nail designs in Holywood Northern Ireland! Because buyers can rotate multiple creatives within a given ad call, Ad Exchange requires the declaration of all associated click-through URLs.As long as the click-through URL of each creative rotated through the ad calls is declared in at least one ad (regardless of the associated ad size), the creative is in compliance with the declaration policy.When created, these creatives might have correspondingly dynamic click-through URLs in order to track the relative effectiveness of each permutation, or they might have multiple click-through URLs that lead to different landing pages depending on the user interaction.With Ad Exchange, we require every creative to have a declared click-through URL in order to enable certain features (e.g., advertiser and advertiser category blocking) and to ensure the quality of the landing page (i.e., scan for inappropriate content).The best option looks like the 12-month membership, which gets automatically doubled to two years – not to be sniffed at, IMHO.

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